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Mid-America Door was founded in 1991 by a group of door dealers and others to manufacture steel sectional overhead-type doors.

The company was based on a culture of inspired vision, thoughtful planning, and a combination of many years of overhead door experience.

Since the early 1990’s, Mid-America Door has experienced continuous growth, expanding its product lines, production capacity, and market coverage. We strongly believe our commitment to quality and customer service will ensure our continued growth into the future.

As a Mid-America Door customer, you can count on our dependable products, services, and people.


Garage Doors in All Styles & Sizes

For those of you interested in getting a new garage door, we can accommodate any style or size. Our garage door experts in the office and in the field can walk you through the entire process. Garage doors come in many different sizes. In most cases we can have a technician out the same day you call us to get an accurate measurement of your garage door. We work with customers every day on getting new custom doors, wood doors, steel doors or even glass doors! There are so many options to choose from and we try to educate you on all of those options so that you can make the buying decision that is right for you. We know that new garage doors are a big investment so it’s really important to have the right knowledge. Call and ask for one of our Garage Door Experts at Calhouns Garage Door Service 972-228-3083


Steel Garage Doors

Steel garage doors are really popular for residential areas for many reasons. Firstly, steel garage doors are incredibly low maintenance! If you have a steel garage door, you really only have to have your garage door serviced once or twice a year to keep it in good shape. Durability is another benefit to having steel garage doors. A well maintained steel garage door can last for decades! The price of steel garage doors is incredibly affordable and you get great value from this on resale. Lastly, the best thing about steel garage doors is the variety of different styles you can get. There is sure to be a steel garage door in your desired style, from flush panels to elegant windows to doors that look like wood. Call us today to inquire about getting a new steel garage doors. Calhouns Garage Door Service 972-228-3083

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All models (Raised Panel, CSX Series, CSL Series, CS Series, XL Series) available in all grades (2500, Regal, Celebrity, Vantage)
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What should my rough opening size be?

 The same size as your door. The door fits against the opening from the inside. The opening should be finished with an exterior perimeter seal or stop molding to seal against the elements. 

What do you recommend for painting of my steel garage door?

 Steel doors should be painted with a high quality exterior latex (water base) paint. The surface must be cleaned prior to application of paint to the steel. On new doors, the surface just needs to be wiped down with a damp cloth. Doors which have been installed for a while should be cleaned with a tri-sodium-phosphate based product (such as Soilax„ or diluted Spic-n-Span or a mild household cleaner). Doors do not require a coat of primer unless the finish has been damaged down to the silver galvanizing. 

What horsepower garage door opener do I need?

 Generally a 1/3 horsepower opener is sufficient for any single car doors and a 1/2 horsepower for some of the heavier double car doors. The door must be reinforced prior to attachment of a garage door opener (please refer to the manufacturer’s instruction for more information). 

How much headroom do I need to install a garage door?

 Doors with extension springs require 10″ of headroom while doors with torsion springs require 12″ of headroom. If installing a garage door opener, you will need an additional 2″-3″ headroom dependent upon the manufacturer of the opener. Low headroom hardware is available that can reduce the headroom requirement to as low as 4″. 

When speaking about the thickness of steel, Is lower the number.. the thicker the steel?

 Yes. The lower the gauge, the thicker (and stronger) the steel (ex. a 24 gauge steel is thicker than a 27 g. steel). 

Does my garage door require maintenance?


We recommend the following maintenance be performed on an annual basis (please refer to the installation manual for a detailed description of the maintenance requirements):

  • Clean door surface with a mild household detergent and rinse with clear water (best if done twice a year)
  • Lubricate all moving parts of the door with light household oil (e.g. WD 40)
  • Check for bent or loose hinges
  • Check rollers for broken wheels, bent shafts or worn out bearings
  • Check the door and track supports for loose or missing bolts, screws, etc. and tighten.
  • Check the extension spring lift cables for proper operation (are they running properly in the pulleys, is the cable rubbing at the bottom bracket button location?)
  • Check for bent track

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