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C. Ray Calhoun

C. Ray Calhoun is indeed a dynamic and prolific man, author, speaker, life coach, father, and husband. From drug, alcohol addiction, and trouble with the law, C Ray Calhoun turned his life around becoming an Entrepreneur, Senior Pastor, a national & international best-selling author, and a John Maxwell Team Certified Coach, Speaker, Teacher & Trainer.

C. Ray Calhoun is a sought after keynote speaker and his D7 Steps To Transformation is highly recognized throughout his workshops and seminars as one of the most effective programs for changing lives. Mr. Calhoun now has developed, learned, and continue to learn the skills and techniques to assist others in reaching, achieving, and acquiring their goals and ambitions in life. Mr. Calhoun now travels the world coaching, teaching, and training many on developing their potential, setting & achieving goals, weight control, relationships, attitude, and even starting their own business and/or developing their business to higher levels of accomplishments.

C. Ray believes everyone deserves a better lifestyle! Life is about developing a no excuse lifestyle, a "never quit, never give up" attitude, and learning to identify solutions for the challenges of life. Presently operating as CEO of Calhoun Enterprises Inc which consists of Calhouns Garage Door Service (residential), Excellent Door Service (commercial), the Winning Factor, LLC (leadership training & developing), located at 3333 Lee Parkway, Ste. 600, Dallas, TX 75219, and Senior Pastor of the Full of Faith Christian Center Ministries, located in DeSoto, TX, a 501c3 recognized non-profit organization.


International Best Selling Author

You Can Win In Life


 Infused with personal life experiences, failures, and successes, You Can Win in Life is a book that illustrates the power of change and reinforces that “never quit, don’t give up” attitude. It is a book written to encourage others to realize there is hope even when it seems to be the end of the road. It will be a launching pad for many to change their direction in life and to move up to higher levels of personal fulfillment. The author tells a story in a way to encourage readers to see that if he can do it anyone can. This book is for anyone interested in breaking the chains of inaction and getting out of life’s rut. It is both instructional and inspiring. “Success is not a matter of what you have acquired, but the adversities you’ve gone through without giving up.”About the Author C. Ray is a successful businessman and inspirational speaker who transformed his life by embracing the ideal that life is 5 percent of what happens to you and 95 percent of how you handle it. Born in Dallas, Texas, C. Ray is the fifth of five children. He now resides in DeSoto, Texas, a suburb in Dallas. He is currently in his thirty-sixth year of marriage to his high school sweetheart, Peggy Calhoun, and they have five adult children. His own transformation motivated him to share his message of self-empowerment with others. He is a major proponent of helping people realize they can control their life’s destiny, which ultimately inspired him to write this book. 

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You Must 'C' Your Way Through


 C. Ray Calhoun gives us a real gem in his sophomore book "You Must 'C' Your Way Through". He lays out more practical, relatable life-transforming nuggets that when applied can take the ordinary person to extraordinary heights as well as elevating to greater heights those persons who are already on a path to success. C. Ray uses the alpha letter C to illustrate the pieces of life's puzzle that the reader must "see" in order to elevate their lives. Each chapter in the book is dedicated to a word that begins with the letter C and C. Ray outlines in a telescopic way how "seeing" each word in the context of life's obstacles and opportunities can help us reach our highest potential. With real-life examples and personal testimonials, he describes how to overcome day to day challenges that exist only to try and deter us from becoming our greatest self. He speaks to the reader with candor, humor, and heart. Sincerely sharing information and notable quotes, he takes us on a journey step by step to develop, apply and achieve the goals and dreams we aspire to. We are in a historic and unprecedented time in 2017. "You Must 'C' Your Way Through" is a book that allows us to see how to successfully navigate the sea of life - practically, simplistically and productively. 

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Third Book Coming Soon