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We will post information that can help you stay safe and secure in your home. Your garage door is the biggest entrance to your home with over 50 moving parts that can break at the most inopportune time. Please read, and share the valuable information so others can stay safe and know about the latest technology and how to deal with the various problems you can experience with your garage door and garage door opener.

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In Business Since 1985

Is it time to have your door serviced?

In Business Since 1985

 We’ve been providing families like yours professional garage door repair and services for over 30 years, and we’re glad you stopped by!  We service ALL makes and models of garage doors and openers. Calhouns Garage Door Service  in Cedar Hill


Need a new door?

Is it time to have your door serviced?

In Business Since 1985

 Give Calhouns Garage Door Service a call, and we’ll walk you through all the options to find the perfect fit for your taste and budget. Garage Door Repair in Lancaster


Is it time to have your door serviced?

Is it time to have your door serviced?

Is it time to have your door serviced?

 Great!  We specialize in all sorts of garage door repair work.  Working around the garage door can be fairly dangerous if you’re trying to repair this issue on your own.  We recommend you call Calhouns Garage Door Service to address the issue in a safe and timely manner for you.

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Welcome to Calhouns Garage Door Repair & Service!

 Calhouns Garage Door Service began service in 1985. We are a top company that sale, service, install garage doors, and door & gate automatic openers. We are fully automated and ready to serve the Dallas/Fort Worth and surrounding cities. Our team of professionals take pride in their craftsmanship and attention to detail. We are located in Desoto, Texas. Yes, we have a location. Most garage door companies are unable to be found but not us. 

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Why we do not Quote over the Phone

 To make sure our customers get the best service and value possible, Calhouns Garage Door Service always provides in-person inspection and diagnosis of your garage door or automatic opener before quoting a price for service. Take it from the experts, no reputable garage door company can give you a realistic estimate over the phone. There are more than 50 moving parts in your garage door and opener system, so our professional repair technicians prefer to diagnose problems in person.

Once on site, our expert garage door repair specialists will physically show you the problem and explain the service needed. Then, we give you a free estimate. Calhouns Garage Door Service  in DeSoto


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5 Reasons Why My Garage Door Spring Broke

 1. Garage door springs do almost all of the work of lifting your door regardless of the door being manually or automatically operated. The spring makes it possible for anyone to lift a product that might weigh one hundred pounds on the low end and many hundreds of pounds on the high end. Not only can anyone lift it – most can do it with one hand! In other words, the garage door spring does a lot of work. ........


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 Try our door builder to create your vision. With this you can see the possibilities for your home! Design your door now.
Then contact us and let us know what you have chosen and we will get you the price installed and product availability.


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